Thursday, August 19, 2010

Garage Sale Character #2

         A garage sale character who showed up only once has been remembered at all my garage sales since. She was known as the "Crazy Lady." Anytime since then when things slow down we say, "We need the Crazy Lady to show up.

        About 7 garage sales ago we were at the end of the day and ready to start packing up. The day had been slow and was disappointing because not much was moved. As happens quite often just before you close, there is a flurry of activity. A customer showed up and she began going around picking up numerous items. She seemed to find many things she could use or liked for various reasons. She would pile things up and say that was all . We would start to add things up. Before we could total up the cost of items she would find some more things. Needless to say, we did well just at the end of the day with one customer. To top it all off we found that many of the things she paid for were left in various places. Because of this behaviour she became known as the "Crazy Lady." 

       So just like the famous "Fat Lady" we have our crazy lady who we wait for to come and make our day a good one.