Sunday, July 26, 2015

Never Too Old to Learn

      There are some common everyday things that I have never learned. Some of these things have been around long before I was born. Somehow or other I missed them. When I learn something like that I have to wonder how I did without that knowledge for 75 years.

     The other day the Micro Manager happened to comment that the cutlery was organized in a set pattern. I had never noticed that there was a special pattern in the cutlery divider. It was further explained to me by, said manager, that when you set a table you are able to get cutlery out of the drawer in the proper order when you set the table. Now how did I live without this information for 75 years? 

There they are. Neatly in order.

     How have I been setting the table? Well, I must admit that many times I set it the wrong way. Sometimes forks and knives are on the wrong side of the plate. Don't even bother thinking about glasses,cups and saucers, soup  bowls or salad plates! But my method is when I take cutlery out of the drawer, to make sure the fork is in my left hand and the knife in my right hand. In that way they get placed on the correct side of the plate. Works for me!

    Now I had never thought that there was a special order in the cutlery drawer. My Mom did not have a divider so all of her cutlery was in one big pile. We had a lot of searching to do before we had the proper ratio of cutlery to go on the table. The first place I lived in on my own was organized the same way. I just had one terribly cluttered cutlery drawer. 

    Am I going to change since I've learned this great truth? I doubt it! In fact, I'm sure I'll never use this information. I will continue using my own method. 

    Does anybody else have their cutlery drawer organized in this fashion?