Thursday, May 31, 2018


       I once wrote about a friend who accidentally put a $1000.00 bill in a trash barrel while she was cleaning up her Dad's house.   I thought of that today when I threw something out that cost me $1000.00 and it was never used.

      In the late 70's I bought a piece of recreational property. The plan was to build a summer residence and we could spend our summers at the lake.

     Things had moved along by the early 80's and we were ready to build a chalet type cabin. Now during the previous 5 years the whole project grew. We were avid do it yourselfers. We had put in a water and sewer system. The lot was completely forested and we had cleared what we wanted . Other improvements had been made. A small garage was built to store a holiday trailer and then pull the trailer out in the summer and use the garage for a kitchen living room. This plan worked well and we had lots of fun. During this time my kids were 6 - 13 years old.

     I was ready to put up the building. I had plan made up. This cost me $990.00. At about the same time the realization came upon us that this project was becoming too big for us and the Micro Manager wanted a time out.

    Well, the time out lasted a long while . We never did build. We did have a lot of fun spending time at the lake.The kids had experiences they'd never have  had if they'd just stayed in town. Time went on. Time went on for a long time and the cabin never got built.

    So today was the day that we looked at the plans we had made up and decided that they would have to go in recycle. We sold the property in 2014. 

    So the complete plan package was torn up and put in recycle.

   It's one of those goals that was never completed but I'm not unhappy about how things turned out.