Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Super Paper Delivery

     Ron has delivered my daily paper for at least 10 years. I couldn't have had better delivery even if I delivered them myself. 

     Ron has some challenges in this life. Physically his walking is labored and his strength is limited. That doesn't stop Ron. 

     Ron has done 3 or 4 routes at a time. With his short slow steps this takes a long time. Rain or shine my paper is delivered. At times it's not delivered on time because he has so many papers to deliver.

     Over the years Ron has always used a shopping cart to haul his papers. Papers are very heavy . The shopping cart is very hard to push through snow and is awkward to maneuver around driveway approaches. Sometimes he puts maximum effort into pushing through snow. Sometimes people steal his shopping cart.

     When Ron first started delivering my house number was on my paper. Ron's wife would go through each route and write the house number on the paper. This way papers were delivered accurately . Now he remembers all places to deliver. You get notes everyday as to new drops , cancelled subscriptions or people being away.

      To add to Ron's challenge, he packs groceries at one of the grocery stores. That's how he gets the shopping cart.

      Now Ron has fun doing papers. He likes to dress up for special days. So for most of Dec. he wears a Santa Claus hat. Have any of your paper boys worn a Santa Claus hat? So St. Patrick's he finds a green hat. Sometimes it's a flamboyant scarf!

      Ron likes a visit and is always sharp with a kibitz. He tells me when the deer visit my house.

      A few years ago the paper went to a night or early morning delivery where the routes would be much longer and vehicles would be used. Delivery people would pick their papers up from a central point. Good bye Ron. Ron doesn't have a car. However , Ron protested and insisted he be given a route. Well, they couldn't deny Ron. He picks papers up about 1:00AM. He delivers to my house around 2:00Am. Now that's a challenge. He has a short sleep and then he's off to pack groceries.

     How do I know all this stuff about papers? I delivered papers for a couple of years in my retirement. It was a fun job...lots of good visits.

     So , for somebody with handicaps. Ron does a super job. If more people were as persistent as Ron they'd be better off.