Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Where Should We go to Eat?

     When I was a child eating in a restaurant only happened when we went to a distant town (30 mi) for a day's shopping. Sometimes we took sandwiches and ate in the car. So it was a big treat to eat in a restaurant.

     As a young person I had a few bucks of extra money. You know how teen agers can eat. So it didn't matter what time of day you could always tuck away a hamburger. I remember eating in mid afternoon and later in the evenings. In those days most places were closed by 10:00 PM.

    As a young broke couple we rarely ate out. By that time the chains had been established. We had fast food such as A&W. 

    With young kids there was another challenge. It was easier to eat at home.

    With older children we ate out once a week and everybody had a week for their choice of restaurant.

    Now my kids are gone many years ago. We didn't eat out much.

    Now that we're older we,ve got tired of cooking and so eat out more often. However, I still prefer home cooked meals even if they are very simple.

    So this post has got to where I planned. We have an awful time to decide where to go to eat. One of will say I like Chinese food. The other doesn't like Chinese food. One of us likes Mexican. The other doesn't . So for starters we agree on very little as far as food is concerned. 

    So the discussion goes on and then out come the coupons and that complicates things again. In our town there is a shortage of good restaurants. There are a couple of fancy places. These days most other restaurants are chains. There are a few Vietnamese that are private. 

    So sometimes we find a place that will have enough choices that we both find something we like. For example, one place has a great soup and salad bar and also great steak sandwiches. Sometimes we can make a compromise. 

   So for eating out there's more pleasure than just the eating out. There's lots of fun to decide where you will eat.

    How about you? Is it easy to find a place to eat?

At the Ranch House with the eboys.