Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Enforcement Discussion Grows

        What started out as  a generic discussion  of law enforcement on Hiawatha House  grew when I had a discussion with a paper subscriber. So out in the ice and snow my subscriber asked the innocent question, "What's new?" My immediate response was nothing but I knew that he wanted more than that. So I told him that I had been doing a couple of blog posts on lax law enforcement. This topic interested him greatly and he soon got on to capital punishment as he is  a supporter of capital punishment.

       So with such a discussion I am right back to a blog post I had not thought of making.

       I have been opposed to capital punishment as long as I can remember. Briefly I oppose capital punishment because it doesn't work. We only have to look at murder rates in states which use capital punishment and we do not see lower murder rates. Then there's the nasty problem of our justice system not being infallible. Too many convictions are in error. With capital punishment the sentence cannot be undone. It's permanent.

       So my friend and I had a discussion where we agreed to disagree. He's a person who can discuss an issue and doesn't attack the person who opposes him. So when I visit with him it's always a stimulating discussion as he has made me post a blog on the topic.