Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bloggers: Hard Working People

       The longer I participate in the blogging world, the more I realize how hard bloggers have to work to put out an interesting blog. I'm not trying to tell you that I am a hard little worker. No , I've been reading many blogs this last while. 

       A good blogger reads and follows many blogs on a regular basis. A good blogger doesn't just see a good idea and copy it. When bloggers look at good blogs it prompts them to come up with their own original creations. The blogger may have some ideas that have been rolling around in the back of their head when they see something and then their whole post pops into their head. I think of how many blogs the Smitten Image must read before awarding Posts of the Week!

     A successful blogger is going to make meaningful comments on other posts. A dialog can be set up that benefits both writer and reader. Comments stimulate and support other bloggers. Blogger support for each other is crucial. It's interesting reading comments to find many of the same bloggers show up on many posts. One of my friends recently started a blog. He has a great idea: combine technology and nature. He is an amateur video-ographer and naturalist. He will not post very often but he has an excellent blog. He works full time and there's not enough time to post more often

     There's a tremendous talent among bloggers when it comes to photography. Some blogs succeed completely on their photography. Some bloggers tell an excellent story through use of photography. Good photography is hard work as well as talent. Other bloggers skillfully use clip art. You have to have your post in your head before you set up the illustration. All of this takes time and work. How many times is a post done before it's complete?

      I've said before that it's sad to see some blogs start and just as soon cease. They are blogs with all kinds of potential. Most reasons for ceasing are not enough time to spend putting out quality posts.

    So at the beginning of 2012, hats off to all the hard working bloggers in the blogosphere. I  look forward to spending pleasant time following your blogs.