Friday, January 15, 2016

Never Let Old Guys on Scanners

     Like a number of other bloggers I've been mumbling about digitalizing some of my old photos. My kids are 43 and 45 and they don't have photos of their childhood and growing up. 

     So  I have a plan. I'm starting with the Micro Manager's and my photos when we were growing up and before we had kids. You know, the photos your kids like to laugh at! I picked 25 of my photos that show the highlights of my life before children. 

    I have to gain some more experience in scanning. I know it can get better, but I'm not looking for professional stuff. I just want to pass things on to those for which it has meaning. 

    So yesterday was the first day. Of course, I found some classics and this is where I say, "Keep the old guys away from scanners."  

    So you know you're going to see a couple of momentous historical photos.

The adorable blogger in 1940

I always had to look after my brother
The blogger with bib overalls.

The obligatory first day of school photo. My brother is starting gr. one and I'm starting gr. two.

     You see why old guys should be kept off scanners.  I promise I'll improve.