Thursday, July 21, 2022


      This week I had the opportunity to be lumped in a group of people who have cognitive difficulties. Well, not really. Someone merely asked the Micro Manager if I had any cognitive difficulties. 

     Well, I do have some difficulties. They are not earth shattering or disabling. I have been aware of some difficulties I have for some time. I have difficulties with spatial issues. I got my bird house built but it was a challenge. I have trouble with knots. Oh , I can tie a knot but sometimes I have to think about it. 

    So what burned me up?

    I was at my annual hearing test. I had done the test with all the beeps in both ears.

    Then she said , "In this test say the last word you hear. " She started the test and I made no response. I heard the speaker say one word. I was waiting for more words . It didn't seem like the speaker saying one word fit the term "last word." At that time the audiologist asked the Micro Manager if I had any cognitive disorder. I didn't hear this as I was in a sound proof booth. 

   It seems  to me as if the instructions for the test should have been better. Why not say, "  Say the word you hear the speaker say." It doesn't seem to me as if one word fits the term last word. 

     I was offended by the audiologists remark. I didn't find out about it until I got home. 

    It got me thinking that some people could have a very small bit of cognitive difficulty and yet classified as having something very wrong.

   So I'm out there on a campaign for the rights of people who have some cognitive difficulties. Don't lump these people in with a whole group of disabled people who are completely incompetent.