Saturday, April 13, 2019


    My retirement organization  has a first class quarterly magazine. It keeps us up to date on what's new for us. It also contains interesting articles on senior topics:travel, health, arts, writing, hobbies and many more topics. It's one of those magazines that grew because it had an excellent editor. 

    The last issue had an article about "the Change Gene" One of our retirees wrote an article about how she helped her 91 year old mother with her computer. Her Mom was ok with email but not much more. Daughter was trying to get Mom familiar with other areas of her computer.

    Then daughter stopped and started to think about changes people go through. Particularly the comparison of changes that mother and daughter had gone through and why each had a different experience with computers.

    In our lives we go through many changes as we age .Well maybe that's not right. Many changes come along that we experience. What we do with these changes is a result of our experience and how we have taken advantage of previous changes. 

    It was hard for daughter to teach mother about computers as mother had very little experience with computers. Daughter started to wonder how she would adapt to changes coming up.

    When I started flying all we needed was a piece of paper (ticket) in our hand and we got on the airplane. Now I need help to check myself in on the computer.

    The first car I ever owned was a 1929 model A Ford. Today I own a Honda CRV. With the old model A we just bounced down the road. I call the CRV an glorified sensor. That's just the change in cars. I wasn't really ready for the CRV.

   So the writer of the article started to wonder if we had a change gene or needed a change gene. We need something to help us get by all the changes we meet in life.