Wednesday, September 7, 2022


       I usually have several walking routines to keep me occupied and active. 

       My present walking route is to walk through my subdivision to a  creek which has a valley about 300 meters wide and 25 meters deep. Then I walk along the west side of the creek. There is also an outdoor gym that I make a stop at. 

       So here's my walk.

    A couple of kids on a scooter as I start my walk

Walking through the neighborhood.

Down into the creek which is a heavily wooded area.

Bridge across the creek

The creek is very low at this time

Up out of the valley on the other side of the creek

A pleasant path to follow

I have to make it to the power line!

 Here's the powerline

   And a stop on the outdoor gym. I will do two leg exercises and two upper body.

And her we are , home again

The whole route is about 4.5 K's