Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Alf Sells Mushrooms

          Some kids sell lemonade, but my six year old neighbor sells mushrooms!

          I have written about Alf previously in this blog. Alf spends part of his time with his Dad who is my next door neighbor. Alf is typical of any six year old...full of energy, creative, curious, and cute. When Alf is with his Dad, they try to do many active things like swimming, cycling and yard work. So there wasn't time to organize a lemonade stand. And I'm not sure about Dad's ability to make lemonade.

         We have had a very wet cool summer. As a result we from time to time had a bumper crop of mushrooms(fungi). At Alf's place there was the stump of an old tree and several large mushrooms appeared. You guessed . Alf got the idea in his head to sell mushrooms. So for part of one morning I was pestered to buy mushrooms. I was creative in my refusals and tried to tell him about edible and non edible mushrooms. The price varied from a dollar a mushroom to a penny a mushroom. Finally, I thought if I take his picture that should satisfy him.

       So here is the salesman and his mushrooms. I would be happy if anyone could identify the mushrooms for me.