Tuesday, September 19, 2023


      A former student told a few days ago of her 10 or so years working for Stars air Ambulance in the promotion department. She had an official looking photo of herself in a helicopter with the helmet and all. 

      This reminded me of my helicopter rides in the Arctic. The ice breakers would come in and do a medical check on all aboriginals. This is where the dreaded tuberculosis was picked up and people were taken south for treatment. Most people were taken to the ice breaker on the tender. However some where taken by helicopter...me included. 

      One summer an ice breaker was doing sounding at the end of Wakeham bay. They were preparing for shipping ore from one of the mines about 50 km inland. 

      One day the helicopter came over with a message from the captain. He was inviting us for dinner. Well, yes we'll come for dinner. The helicopter came back to pick us up at the appointed time and take us to the ship.

      Well the 10 minute ride was pleasant but The ship looked awfully small from 10 miles away. When we got closer we could see the circles the helicopter was to land in. The circles were very, very small. So all of a sudden down we go and guess what? We landed exactly in the circle. 

     We had a nice dinner with the captain and then the helicopter took us back to our house. 

    Returning to Wakeham Bay after dinner on the D'Iberville. You can see how small the village was and yes, that's snow on the hills behind the village in July. It's snow left over from the winter. 

Landing pad on the D'Iberville.