Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Laid Off at Seventy

       Yes that's right folks! Today for the first time in my seventy years I was laid off.

        Some of my readers will realize that I have a paper route. I've thoroughly enjoyed my paper route although it was seven days a week. I delivered 20 papers and 13 fliers. The route was right behind my house and 15 of the 20 subscribers are retired people. Many times I enjoyed a great visit with these people. They were awesome customers. The paper route got me out of the house no matter what. I enjoyed the getting out even if  the weather was really nasty. I was never cold. All of my jack rabbit stories came from the paper route. Many of the bird posts resulted from an experience on the delivery. So to say that I enjoyed this activity would be an understatement.

        What I really noticed is what the route did for my head. It gave me something different to be responsible for. I didn't know how much I missed having a job since I retired. It gave me something to look forward to each day not that I was inactive and depressed. It just made me feel better.

       So the paper decided to become a morning paper and deliveries were to be completed by 6:30 AM. Now I like getting up early but not that early. You were going to have to deliver about 150 papers and use your vehicle. Not for me! I would miss all the interaction with the people. Who would be up that early in the morning?

       So I jokingly consider myself laid off!