Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Surprise of the Anonymous Gift!

         Last Tuesday a number of us received an anonymous gift out of the blue.

         Tuesday is skating day and after skating we go the the nearest Dairy Queen for coffee. We have done this for close to ten years. The Dairy Queen staff are excited to see us and treat us as special guests. They can ask why someone is not there on a certain day. If we accidentally spill a coffee they give us a free refill!

         Last week we had all just sat down to enjoy our coffee when one of the young staff came over with a tray of blizzards. We told her that she must be at the wrong table because we hadn't ordered blizzards. Then the young gal tried to explain to us that someone had ordered the blizzards for us . We all looked at each other with puzzlement. She explained that a young man had ordered the blizzards for us and wouldn't give his identity and left. Although I doubt that he left because it would have been worth  much more to stay there and see the look on our faces. So the waitress finally persuaded us to accept the blizzards.

       So if someone had been watching they would have seen major confusion on our faces. Then some doubt and disbelief. Then there was our wondering who was the fine person who bought us blizzards and why he bought them for us. Soon we began to have delighted looks on our faces as we began to dig into the blizzards. I'm sure that our faces showed our appreciation. I hope the person who bought them stayed and had the pleasure of watching us. It would have been worth his investment.

       I would suspicion that the guy was familiar with us coming in on a regular basis and probably knew one of us. One of our skaters ran a day care for twenty five years and runs into some of her former charges. They are always extremely happy to see her. Of course, since she had them as preschoolers she has no way of recognizing them.

      A great picture opportunity was missed because who takes his camera to skating?

      So an anonymous act of kindness brought some old people much pleasure.

      A big thanks to the anonymous blizzard buyer. We enjoyed every last spoonful of ice cream.