Friday, May 3, 2024


      I take my cans, bottles etc. to a large bottle depot. Sometimes you wait 30 minutes to drive through. 

      Once you get to a wicket your junk is quickly counted. It's high tech so a plastic card is issued. You take your card inside and tap the machine where it says tap. The machine spits out the amount of cash which was on the plastic card.

       Well, today the guy in front of me had a big surprise when the machine said that it had run out of cash? What? 

         There is an attendant nearby and she came quickly and found a supply of cash to pay us. 

        I don't know when they'll fill up the money machine.

        It's sort of like getting stuck in and elevator.

         On a happier note my friends are celebrating a 61st anniversary! Happy anniversary to B and A.