Thursday, August 26, 2010

I Hate Shopping

     I'm getting to be quite a whiner lately! Really I'm fairly amiable and easy to get along with. But when it comes to shopping I am challenged and I know it.
    So what brings this sudden complaint? Well, my daughter is getting married next July and since Home Farm Girl and I are walking her down the aisle, I have to look pretty. Well , you say that's a year from now. I agree, but Home Farm Girl gets really nervous and has to get me ready because maybe all mens' clothes will be sold!!!

     As you can tell Home Farm Girl is the shopper. She can think of 99 questions about the fabric in a pair of pants let alone where they were made and what style they are. Okay, good for her, but my patience is gone before I walk in the store. So Home Farm Girl has quite a challenge to get me to look at clothes and try them on.

     Now I'm a comfortable "rumple." I like tee shirts, jeans, jean jackets and black and red plaid wool shirts. This stuff's comfy. With my black and red shirt I am comfortable to minus 10 C. Add a hoody and I'm good to minus 15. So I have things figured out for comfort. It maybe doesn't look too cool but it's comfortable.

     So the other day we got a nice pair of gray pants, blue shirt and yellow tie with blue and gray in it. So I will look pretty for my daughter's wedding which is outside in an arboretum in Chicago.