Monday, May 16, 2016


      You've seen this figure many times. I've written of how it came to be. The birch tree died and we left a 6 ft stump to turn into "something". We wanted to carve it but soon realized carving was way beyond our ability. We settled on a little outline of a house. Not my idea though!

      We've had fun with this creation as people have commented and lots of little kids have to look at it each time they go by.

      We were sitting in the backyard yesterday afternoon when we noticed someone at the front door. We called the guy to the back. He had stopped to tell us to take the bark off the stump so the wood wouldn't rot.

     He had just finished this chainsaw carving at my neighbors.

      We visited with this guy and it was a learning experience. He had taken a good look at our creation and saw things that other people never see. There are silhouettes of faces on either side of the stump!

      What he did for my neighbor has lots of detail. The ideas were my neighbors and the guy just followed instructions.

     I can imagine many little kids will look at this carving.