Saturday, September 5, 2015

A Tough Book to Read

     I just finished a very tough book to read. Usually books classified as tough are those that in some ways are complex. For me, mysteries are hard to read.

    But the book today is a tough because of the subject matter. It deals with Alzheimer's

    I've known a few people with Alzheimer's and visited with them. I've never had to deal directly with Alzheimer's.

    In this book the writer has Alzheimer's. His mother has Alzheimer's and his grandfather had Alzheimer's.

    On Pluto: inside the mind of Alzheimer's by Greg O'brien is a detailed realistic firsthand account of dealing with Alzheimer's and having Alzheimer's. 

    Greg describes in detail the challenge of looking after his mother who has Alzheimer's while at the same time he has early onset Alzheimer's. Looking after an elderly parent is always going to be  challenge but one having Alzheimer's is much worse.

    When Greg's mother dies he suddenly has to face the stage  his own Alzheimer's. Greg describes in detail his dealing with physicians and denial and anger. It's very direct and authentic.

    Along the way you will learn much about the very epic struggle people have with Alzheimer's.

    This book was tough to read because of the horrible experiences Alzheimer patients go through. 

    I highly recommend this book as you will learn much about Alzheimer's. It's not a book you will enjoy but is well worth while reading.