Sunday, January 8, 2023


       Well, grammar is certainly another topic with conflict? If I took a survey, I'm sure most people would say they dislike grammar. I'm sure many people would not find grammar useful. However, writers should find grammar useful and would probably like to learn or relearn grammar. 

        So here goes. I think grammar should be taught is schools. You may say , "Isn't grammar taught in schools." Well, no it isn't. 

       When I went to school from 1944 to 1957, I was taught grammar. It was not my favorite subject. When I got to teacher's college we were given a general grammar test. I failed miserably. I kept the test for years as it showed that I did not know the difference between a noun and a verb. 

       We were given remedial grammar lessons.

       I actually learned basic grammar when I had too teach it. Unfortunately, I taught grammar the same way I had been taught so probably very few of my students learned much grammar.

      Now it gets worse. Somewhere in my career I began teaching language arts. Yes, I taught grammar the same way I had always taught it with about the same success. 

     Gradually teachers began not teaching grammar. They also stopped teaching spelling. I kept on teaching grammar and began relating all the grammar rules directly to their own writing. So I would use a kid's piece of writing as an example for teaching the grammar. Where's my subordinate clause? I made them look at their own writing. Grammar was used to tell if  things were tied together. They could move things around in their sentences and paragraphs like we do on the computer.

     As a blog writer, I usually write the way I talk. It's informal and fun.

    However, I think that an understanding  of grammar and looking at my writing once in a while would improve my writing and make it easier to follow. 

    Somehow , I don't think this is ever going to happen!

    Now I'm just waiting for some grammarian to go through this piece of writing as far as grammar goes!

    Now , I just noticed that there is a National Grammar day  which is Mar. 4. It was founded by Martha Brockenbrough for the promotion of good grammar.