Sunday, July 9, 2017


     I have been away from Hiawatha House for a week. I usually like to post more often but I have a good excuse.

     The DRK (dirty rotten kid) from Chicago and her DRH (you get the drift) came for a visit. So for such an important occasion I've been busy! We did much eating and visiting. We made a day trip to Calgary and visited the Glenbow Museum. It was the day before the Calgary Stampede started so the partying had begun.

     So what I really wanted to happen was to  wish two Americans in my house being wished  a great Fourth Of July! It would have been the first time I had two Americans in my house. The greeting would have had too be late on July 5. 

    However, the problem was getting time to post the greeting! So here it is. I had the pleasure of wishing Happy Fourth of July . So the late greetings!

   Now somehow or other  serious giggling broke out. The kind of giggling where glasses come off and Kleenex come out.

     All  too soon the visitors had to pack up and head for home.