Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sometimes You Learn an Awful Lot in one Afternoon

      I have to write this post right away while the sting of reality is still fresh on my mind.

       I have written about having a couple of  super teenagers for neighbors and how they are so adept at technology. I have worked hard to learn some things but I always knew that if I was really stuck I could get bailed out by either one of them.

       So I was a little surprised a few days ago when I was asked if I could help Courtney set up a blog. I somehow or other didn't think this fit. However, I did arrange a time to work on the blog. Courtney is going to the Mayo clinic for some testing so she wanted to set up a blog to keep friends and relatives informed. When I got to her computer the blog was there so I did a double take. I wasn't surprised to see the blog with a post but I had been lead to think the blog wasn't set up. My mouth was too far open to say, "Nice blog, Courtney!" My mouth kept going and I tried to tell how a blog worked when reality set in and ,I said,"Well, what is it you need help in setting up?" The first two questions that were asked I didn't have a clue. I was able to assist with some simple things that Courtney hadn't had time to discover on her own so I saved her some time in searching.

     I went home with some homework. The rest of the afternoon was fun as we emailed back and forth on what we discovered.

     For me the afternoon was stimulating as I got to work with a young person. I am always amazed at how rapidly young people catch on to new things. I thought back to how lucky I was to be a teacher for thirty seven years and work with young people.

     So it's quite a jolt to go back to learning so much in a short time. Courtney learned a few things about her blog but she taught me a whole lot more .