Monday, August 10, 2020


     As a society , are we going to learn anything by going through the covid pandemic? Will our behavior change in anyway? Will we make a permanent change in something that will influence society in other areas? 

     There is much happening because of covid. We've had to learn about sanitizing . We've had to learn about protection. We've had to be concerned about safety. We've had to learn about responsibility to others. Some of these things have to become a habit. I found the sanitizing a hard habit to learn. I've got it now. Are businesses going to keep sanitizing materials at the entrances as they do now? 

     Will any of these things stick with us once covid is over? 

     Then we have the anti mask people and anti vaxxers. These ideas are mixed up with ideas of freedom and not doing what the government proposes for the good of all of us. Will these people learn anything by going through covid. I think an opportunity has been lost because of political philosophy which supports such lunacy. 

    However, I will not be getting the first vaccines that come out. I think they need a much longer time to be proven safe. I have always got a flu shot since I retired.

     Much has been learned in science by having to study this disease on how to treat it, prevent it, and find antibodies that we can use. I think the scientific developments will pay off  for a long time  in the future. 

   So what I'm thinking tonight is will our behavior change because of covid. I know my hand washing technique has improved. My hand washing used to be more or less wetting my fingers. The thumbs and palms weren't washed. 20 seconds is a long time to wash. I still can't wash for 20 seconds.