Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Decision Time

     I have not been taking very many photos this summer and it worries me. I like to be able to take many photos come home and look at them and throw most of them away. There's also the issue of being outdoors.

    Now a couple of years ago I got a reasonable point and shoot. I wanted a nice grip for the elderly fingers which sometimes get stiff and clumsy. I also wanted some zoom so this had an astounding 34 x. I like the camera and it can do more than I can do. It tells me what I've done and tells me what to do if I would only observe the monitor.

    I also like to bike every spare minute I can get. My plan was to put the camera in my bike bag, but the bike bag proved to be too small and there was the possibility of damage. I have got a good scratch on my monitor and I don't want any more of that nonsense.

    So I thought I'll use my old point and shoot as it has a case and fits in the bike bag nicely. This should really work.

    The first night with the old camera I saw a blue heron at my favorite beaver pond. Now herons make it easy. They pose for you. They pose a long time for you. So I shot a few photos. The heron was down in the gully a bit and it was in an area of shadow.

Okay I'll give you a nickel if you find the blue heron!

I think there's a blue heron in this photo.
     Well , when I got home and looked at the photos, I was disappointed. Really disappointed. Disappointed enough to not use the old point and shoot again.

   So back to my original problem. I need to fix something so that I can take the larger camera on my bike.

I do have a nice beaver pond to visit