Monday, September 26, 2016


     What's that you say? Barbecue season is never over.

     I know you can barbecue all year including where I live. I barbecued a Christmas turkey with my daughter one year. It was great.

      Well barbecue season is over and I'll tell you why. I have the cleanest barbecue in North America! The micro manager is meticulous about cleaning the barbecue. You clean your barbecue?  Yes we do.  Every last surface is cleaned of grease and grime. The briquettes are taken out and wiped off! The whole barbecue is dusted. The racks are soaked in the house so all buildup is removed.

     Now if you're going to do this much cleaning it has to be warm. Today was a warm day and it might be the last so the barbecue was cleaned today.

    So what did we barbecue yesterday?  Well steak! (Not one of my favorites.) But we did have one of my all time favorites which I will never get tired of. I like sliced potatoes, carrots and onions with margarine wrapped in tinfoil. Throw in a little salt and pepper and you have some tasty eats. If it browns a little on the bottom so much the better. You can also put in tomato slices if you like.

    Now another one of my favorites is to have sliced onions, grated carrot and hamburger. Don't forget the salt and pepper. Wrap it in tinfoil and away we go. I first had this at a large cub camp. The kids came through a line and took as much of each item as they wanted. They wrapped it in tinfoil. Their initials were put on their  package. An adult did the barbecuing. This was a big hit with the cubs and me!

    So my barbecue has been put to bed for another winter!

     How about your barbecue? Does it get scrubbed? Do you barbecue all year? How's winter barbecuing with you?