Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ipod Challenged

        A few posts ago I told you that Santa Claus was bringing me an ipod. Since Santa Claus isn't always punctual around my house, the ipod arrived about Jan. 10. Since I don't get up at 4:00AM to open Christmas presents, the package was not opened for a few days.

       Now I'm someone who when they get something electronic will check to see if there are batteries, install batteries and then find the switch, flip it to on and I'm on my way. Works every time.

      I knew that the ipod nano touch screen might be different. So when I opened it I looked first for the switch. To this date I have not found the switch. So plan B. Read the manual. The instructions were written on a small piece of paper in very fine print. No problem. Use my magnifying glass. To my great disappointment there were very few directions. I discovered that I had to download itunes. Just find itunes hook up the USB cable and follow prompts on the screen. I still wanted to look at  a manual. So down load the manual. To my disappointment I found that I had to have acrobat reader to download the manual. Price $199.00. Santa Claus didn't bring a manual. I'm not that confident that I will just download itunes and it's all done.

     Since I'm a stubborn old boot I will get this done sooner or later. I won't go across the street to my 14 year old neighbor who could solve all this in seconds. Not yet anyway.

    So very soon I will be enjoying music on my new touch ipod. I will also be extremely proud of how I got the ipod set up all by myself. I love listening to music so I will change all my cds to the ipod. Our local library has about 1000 cds so I will copy the ones I really like. I'm looking forward to finding more and new music to listen to. It will be so cool!