Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring? Hold on a Minute

     On my last post we were  having such a nice  spring day that I got my bike out for a ride.

     However , things change and change very quickly. It is March, and weather can be variable. We get most of our snow in March.

    So we were surprised by a good dump of snow in the last two days. To make it more interesting the snow  wasn't forecast. So our natural adaptations kicked in and we dealt with snow and treacherous road conditions.

     Friday evening we received a small amount of drizzle and snow. At 2:30 AM when I left the casino there was a hard crust of snow to scrape off the car. 

     Saturday evening it started snowing about 5:00 PM. The snow became heavy and road conditions quickly became dangerous. When I left the casino at 2:30 AM there was six inches of snow. So much more cleaning off the car!

    Sunday morning showed us a pleasant view of a white covered landscape.