Friday, June 30, 2017


     Yes, tomorrow is Canada's 150th birthday. There will be many celebrations and most will be different. I would like some day to attend festivities in Ottawa, the nation's capital.

     We now call the day Canada Day , but at one time it was called Dominion Day as we were the Dominion of Canada. Canada Day sounds much better.

    We are a young country as far as ages go. We were formed in 1867 by the joining of 4 areas:Ontario. Quebec, Nov Scotia, and New Brunswick. Shortly after that Prince Edward Island became a province. Then British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan , Alberta and Newfoundland. Newfoundland entered confederation in 1949. So you see it took over 100 years for the country to form and we still have three territories which may some day become provinces.

     The other thing I found interesting is that some of the provinces were very small at the beginning and took in more territory . Ontario was only a third the size it is now.

    So we've grown physically and population wise. The population was less than ten million when I was ten years old. I liked the small population.

    The world considers us to be nice. We are pleased to be considered nice.

     We are fairly tolerant. I'm proud of that. We accept diversity fairly well but I think we could do better.

      Canada is the best country for me to live in.

    So here we are marking a happy milestone and looking forward to more.