Monday, March 25, 2019


     A few posts ago I told you that I had started looking into my ancestry. There were some questions that I wanted answers for.

    It's taken me some time to learn the system. Slowly I'm learning how to bump into things and find what is there.

   I was always curious as to why my Great Grandpa on my Dad's side did not have relatives here except for his own family. He came to this country in 1902 and over the years brought all of his seven adult children here. I did not hear anything about any of Great Grandpa's siblings. Had they come to North America and gone to the states and were lost track of? I think they could all read and write in the German language and probably other languages. They learned to read and write from the church. So lack of written skills should not have been a problem.

    Well, the other day I found a family tree that contained my older relatives.  It went back the great, great grandpa. However , what it showed is that all my Great Grandpa's siblings died in Poland. He had four sisters and the all died fairly early. One of them lived into here early 30's. The oldest sister may have had children but we don't know who she married.

    So as you find one thing, you  are immediately looking for something else.

     It's interesting.