Thursday, July 19, 2012

An Odd House Keeping Routine

      Last week my manager asked me to do a number of house keeping tasks. Usually I do them as part of my share of keeping body and soul together. I have been known to whine from time to time about having to do some of these jobs.

     Last week though, I go to do some heavy duty housework. I was asked to wash a bed room floor, vacuum a bedroom, vacuum living room furniture, vacuum the TV room and vacuum the games room. Wow! Not much was left.
29 cushions to clean off!

    Now what caused me to do all these jobs was a polite request from the manager. What was the manager thinking? Well, the manager was going in for some medical tests this week. She had been increasingly worried about these tests. She knew the preparation was not fun. She became more and more uncomfortable about the tests themselves. She was worried what they would find. She even had her self convinced that she might not survive the test   The tests went by with flying colors. The report was that they were only 1/8 as difficult as she had thought. Nothing wrong was found.

    So going away to the hospital and worrying about not surviving brought on the odd house keeping habit. I've heard of it before. I've heard people try to explain it or give an excuse for it. I don't think any answer for its occurrence is near complete or accurate. For an odd reason some house keepers get the urge to have their house spotlessly clean before they go away.

     I would never be one of those house keepers!