Tuesday, July 28, 2020


     Last Sunday afternoon the Micro Manager and I began talking about our gooseberry bush. The gooseberry bush that I said that I would never pick any more gooseberries. The micro manager talked about the nice gooseberry jam she used to make . And yes, gooseberry pies? 
Gooseberry bushes are rather sprawly things with lots of very sharp thorns.

       The Micro Manager's gooseberry jam.

     Well, it didn't take very long and my cold heart melted and I was picking gooseberries. Did I say I hated picking gooseberries? Well, you would hate picking gooseberries too. Gooseberry bushes are liberally covered with thorns. The foliage is thick and you have to part it to get the berries.

     So it was agreed that I would pick a few cupfuls. I think I picked six cups. Then comes more work with gooseberries. You have to "top and tail them" So there you sit taking off the stem and flower end. So I even melted and agreed to clean up the gooseberries. The Micro Manager was in a hurry to make jam so we had jam made before supper time.

     Now the gooseberry bush has been there since we moved to the place. In the past I picked everyone of those little berries and had my hands ripped to shreds.

    We had some slave labor in those days. The kids were set up to get the berries ready for cooking. One of the slaves wasn't keen about his job so he would clean up one berry and throw two over the fence until the micro manager became suspicious of something and found the berries that were thrown over the fence. ( This is one of those family stories that won't go away but now everybody laughs,

     So how many of you like gooseberry jam? How many of you have had the pleasure of  picking gooseberries?

    So there you have it. We have gooseberry jam one more time.