Thursday, August 20, 2020


      Some of your comments on drones reminded me of a poor and boring video made of my home village. For every good drone video there are many that are extremely poor.

      I was born at Esk, Saskatchewan, Canada. To be more precise I was born about 3 miles southwest of Esk on the farm. From about ages birth to ten. Esk was our village where we got mail and the few groceries we needed. We also sold our farm produce there. At the highest point of Esk's existence there were about 15 houses and 50 people. Many years ago Esk faded into history and became a ghost town.

     Someone decided to use his drone and make a video of Esk. I was interested in the video but I'm sure very few people are interested in the video. 

     You can go to the site on youtube but I doubt that few people will watch it,

    The two large farmyards shown were once on the edge of the village. As the village became abandoned , the land was rezoned and taken by the farmers. My grandparents retired to this village.