Sunday, February 24, 2019


    Again , this is a location we looked at many times as we drove down the David Thompson high way. This area is called Windy Point. So one Saturday, out we went to see if this would be a good place to take students.

    You start this climb as soon as you cross the highway ditch. Did I say it was steep? It's steep so there is some scrambling like use of hands . Again we were looking at a point or a peak that we wanted to get to. We had to take a trail at the bottom of the cliff to the back of it and then more. 

    This is the last time I tried going up a chimney. 

    We got to the top of the cliff at the back and then had to walk to the cliff face. It was a great view and a good place for some stunt photos. 

   It was not a good place to take kids. One time we took kids on this for about 45 minutes before you get to the dangerous stuff.

     About half way up I'm crossing a saddle.

    I can be seen in this photo on the bottom right.

   You can see the highway down below on the right.

Mugging it up for the camera.

     Scrambling about half way up.

Looking toward the dam.

 Mike posing for a dramatic shot. One step back and he was in space and free fall.