Friday, August 10, 2012

My Rabbits Are Gone !

     Today when I checked to see if my family was still here,  I could find nothing. Now everybody knew this was going to happen but I have to tell you anyway.

    Rhubarb boy disappeared about 8 days ago. Whenever I walked by the rhubarb patch, Rhubarb Boy would pop out and look at me.  Now I didn't clean up my rhubarb patch because I didn't want to disturb him.

    Bleeding Heart girl disappeared about 3 days ago. She was not in her usual place and I couldn't find her. 

   Tomato Boy was here yesterday but he was pretty antsy. He moved back and forth in the tomato patch and he had not done this before so I knew something was up. This morning I couldn't find Tomato Boy. I watered my tomatoes thoroughly but nobody went skittering down the row to get away from the water.

   Now these little guys did no damage.  Many of you were worried about this. The mother has probably taken them to another quiet place and hidden them. When they leave their mother they will probably move out of the area.

    I have been trying to get pictures to show the size after 18 days but I did not get a good shot. What I did get was a good example of how they can find cover to hide from everybody else.
Young jack rabbit at 17 days old.

    I learned much by watching these characters. I had many misconceptions about how they behaved when they were young. The material you read varies wildly. I'm also quite sure that the behavior of each litter is somewhat different.

   So I enjoyed my visitors and was finally able to cut my grass, clean the rhubarb patch and really soak the tomatoes.