Tuesday, February 15, 2022


      I have been conscripted into a job of spring cleaning. 

      I started to think about the topic of spring cleaning. At one time it was strictly done by women. Nowadays this male participates . I'm not sure when the process of spring cleaning started. But I know in rural areas and in housing that we had when I was a child, spring cleaning had to be done.

      We had wood and coal heating. The heater was set up in the house before winter started. Coal and wood are dirty and they do not burn cleanly. They leave ashes which had to be taken out of the stove from time to time. All my Mom had to clean with was a broom and a mop.

      So by the time spring came the house was very dirty. Smoke and soot came out of the stove pipes that went through the room. Walls had to be washed. Curtains were washed. Sometimes the walls were just given a new coat of paint. Usually my Mom had somebody help her for a week when spring cleaning took place. 

       My  Mom as a young woman and a young guy who wasn't much help with the cleaning. Yes, the young guy is me. 

 Nowadays we don't have most of the stuff my Mom had to clean up. However with central heating and ductwork dust blows around. We have vacuum cleaners and in my case central vacuum systems, to pick up dust. 

      So in my house spring cleaning is done. Maybe it comes from my rural background and the tradition of spring cleaning continues. 

     Now I  said, I was conscripted. However the Micro manager is not really up to cleaning work anymore. So I've got an early start on cleaning so that I'm finished by the time it turns nice.

    I've done two rooms this week. I vacuum curtains, wall hangings. baseboards, closets, furniture,  and down all corners and any other place that there might be cobwebs. After this I wash floors.

    Now I made the mistake of consulting the micro Manager and much of the stuff around the computer room was neatly organized again. There are a few things I can't find. I found a few treasures in my disorganized mess. 

    So is spring cleaning just done by old fogies like me?