Monday, March 6, 2023


          A trading post was established in about 1795 where Edmonton , Alberta is today. It was an excellent fur trading area as it was rich in what they wanted -fur. 

         However, since the furs were wanted in Europe there had to be a transportation system to take the fur to a port which was Ft. Churchill , Manitoba which is in the west side of Hudson Bay. 

       So, in 1795 , how do you get from Edmonton , Alberta to Ft. Churchill? Why canoes! Canoes will take all your furs to the nearest port. 

      For part of the years from 1795 to 1910 a yearly system was followed. 

     Some aboriginal bands wintered around the Rocky Mountain House area of Alberta. The men would travel to Edmonton in March or April. Here they would spend time building canoes. When the river became ice free they would start the trip to Ft Churchill. They would follow the North Saskatchewan river to Lake Winnipeg and then on to Churchill. This trip was all down stream.

     Then they would load up with trade goods at Ft Churchill and begin the trip back to Edmonton against the current. 

     In mid to late August they had got as far as Battleford Saskatchewan. Just past Battleford they left the river. The women and children had walked across Alberta and were waiting for them at an arranged place. Then the whole group slowly walked across Alberta to Rocky Mountain House where they would spend the winter. Some bison usually overwintered in that area so hunting was good. 

       So this was a trek that took most of the year. 

      Again one has to admire the stamina that this group had to make the round trip.

      Again, I'm sorry that I can't find a map for this trip.