Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Har-OOMPH -slosh,Har-OOMPH-slosh...

     Anybody recognize this noise? Not likely. I'm not that good at making sounds.

     So if anybody recognizes this as the live beating of your heart your a winner.

     I had reason to hear my heart the other day when I was given an ultra sound on my heart. They slap on three electrodes . Then most of the time they have a heavy metal pestle which they keep pressed to the ribs as they move it around. This gizmo shows the parts of your heart as the heart is working.

    So most of the time the procedure is  quiet with only the technician telling you to hold your breath. Once in a while you hear this crazy noise and it's the sound of your heart beating . It's not just the thump- thump we hear on the outside. It's the right inside your body sound of the heart contracting and sending the blood pounding down your arteries. Then there's a lot of gurgling as blood fills the heart chamber again.

    Why was I given an ultra sound of my heart? On the recent ECG I had, they detected something abnormal about the rhythm of the heart. My Doc told me about it and said I could be referred to a cardiologist, or given a stress test or given an ultra sound. He set it up so that the ultra sound was the best choice and then I was given the opportunity of saying I'll take the ultra sound.

   So an hour later I was out of the lab and on my way home. Friday my doc gets the result and knowing him , he will call me in for a chat.

    It's amazing that they can take a detailed look at the heart functioning to see if there are any problems. For my grand parents in the 1950's this technology was not available. None of them had heart problems so this part of medical technology was not needed.

Illustration of the human heart

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