Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Our town Has an Anti-bullying Bylaw

        Our town has an anti-bullying bylaw and yesterday someone was convicted and fined $500.00 under this bylaw. The person convicted? A 79 year old senior who uses a cane for walking!

        I know this senior well as he lives two blocks from me. He constantly complains about the neighbors around him. (They're all idiots!) He complains about the police. (They're all real idiots.) He complains about local politicians.(They're all total idiots.) His complaints have escalated over the 15 years since he has been retired.

       Now this guy would complain about his neighbors over many things: parking in front of his place, noise, neighbor's trees, neighbor's  kids playing. He would yell at kids going by. He walked into a neighbor's house without permission. He also walked into my house without being asked in. 

       Now he constantly called police and bylaw officers to make complaints.  As far as I know none of his neighbors were ever charged. He wormed his way into top police officers to complain about his neighbors and that nothing was done about it. He talked to city officials and local politicians. No charges were laid and officials tried to reason with this man about how the situation should be handled.

      In the last two years he made 23 complaints to bylaw officers. Of course these complaints have to be investigated.

      The 23rd time bylaw officers were called was because a car was blocking his driveway. When the officer arrived there was no car blocking the driveway. That's when the officer laid the bullying charge. This man constantly used officers to harass and bully his neighbors. None of us appreciate a visit from a bylaw officer about a complaint. When the complaint is without merit we really get upset.  People were really being bullied by his use of city officials. Officers time was taken from other work. 

      Now his behaviour could have been handled under more serious charges. The whole episode is very sad. Somehow, I don't think the $500.00 fine is going to solve anything. I would think he will probably become a bigger nuisance. Some people won't allow themselves to be helped. Living in urban areas we have to be flexible and have a little give and take and common sense. Common sense was lacking in this case.

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