Sunday, May 7, 2017


     As you know I lead a bird watching group every Saturday morning. This Saturday we were able to visit a private piece of property. The property has been in the family since about 1900. The family left lots of native habitat and there is about a 50 acre lake. Usually we tour public areas in and around the city.

     The last family inhabitant was a great granddaughter who retired on the farm. She was an excellent birder and had set up all kinds of devices to attract birds. So there were super feeders, bird baths, lots of nest boxes and of course, the native habitat was left.

     So the property is a birders paradise. We found 23 species in an hour and a half. I had 13 birders show up and they were suitably impressed by what they saw.

     I took my camera and managed only one bird picture and it was poor...too much light and a very wiggly elderly photographer. However, the birders gave me some opportunities for photos.

    Lots of birds on the water

       Anybody see  the swan. I just about took the guy's head off too.
       We begin and what do we find. There's a Yellow-bellied sapsucker in there someplace.
     Sometimes birders get tired.
        I wonder what this thing has to do with birds?

And what does this do for birds?
  Oh another machine that might be for birds?
       Some funny bird skulls here.

      Time for home.

     The home on the property was situated so they had a great view of the lake.