Saturday, May 2, 2009

Bird Walk May 2

      You never know what might happen on a little old bird walk . Sometimes it can be just jumping with sightings and other times somewhat disappointing . Today's walk was one of the productive ones. We went to a 110 acre area which is a ravine which is mostly heavily forested with old spruce . A creek plants flows through the area . The area was previously used for agriculture by being pastured . The farmer took out the aspen for fire wood . The area is usually referred to as Bower Woods .

     Usually heavily wooded areas are hard to bird in as the birds tend to dwell in the tree tops . You can hear the birds and identify who's there by sounds . It's sometimes a challenge to actually see the birds . The usual suspects were flying by ...crows , magpies and mallards . After that we had to work for everything we saw . So what was there ? Black capped chickadees , boreal chickadees , pine siskins , juncoes , golden crowned kinglets , house finches , phoebes , robins, both red and white breasted nuthatches , downy woodpeckers , chipping sparrow ,Franklin's gulls and a number of gulls which were too far away to identify . 

     So, we did spot quite a few suspects in the area .