Friday, September 17, 2021


      Some of the blogs I follow show many excellent murals on buildings. It seems that wall murals are very common in Europe and they have some excellent artists.

     So what a surprise a few days ago when I was downtown and saw a major mural project. It will take us a long time to catch up to other places with murals.

     It looks like more murals are planned so you might see some more photos here.

                 Magpies would be a good subject here . Enlarge and read the information. The artist some how or other did not use the lower left of the space?  Some guy tried to help out with the empty space by parking is car in front of the empty space. 
      Now I really like this mural. The space was well used and I wonder what the person is thinking about? Freedom?

                  This mural is a waste of paint unless the building owner just wanted a paint job.