Sunday, September 21, 2014

A Colorful Day

    Fall colors are well under way here. We had too severe frosts last week. I know that frost doesn't cause  fall colors but just maybe hurries it along.

   This week was one of those weeks where everything bursts into color. Today is very windy so I went out to get some fall colors before many of the leaves are blown away.

   Many of our native trees have dropped their leaves. Nursery trees are later and tend to hang onto their leaves longer. 

  There was an extra special on batteries today so I walked over to the mall . I decided to take the camera and catch some fall colors. My trip took longer than the usual 40 minutes , but I made it home in time for lunch.

Crab apple

A birch contrasted to green around it

A mixture

Crab apple

A different kind of yellow

Native poplars