Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dull Images

      In Alberta we have a mix of atmospheric conditions right now. We've had a mix of shower and thunder clouds through the afternoon and evening. We have about 70 forest fires burning at this time. Then we  have our regular brown atmosphere from the oil industry.

      I looked at the skies and saw some possibilities for photos. It was very dull and cloud formations were not sharp. So I decided to take some photos and see what I got. When I first looked at them I was disappointed. Then I saw that I got exactly what was out there. It was just plain dull.

    I took these a few minutes before 7:00 Pm. Today our sun sets at 21:38 or 9:38 PM. The second photo faces west and there should be some brightness. 

    So for some just "try it" shots I learned a couple of things. I am satisfied that I got what was there.

To the west