Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stories From an Account Book

     In my last post I told you about a package that I received that held many stories. Of course I told the most fascinating one first.

    However, who knew that a plain ordinary little old farm account book could contain many stories? My Mom kept books for the farm. Things that were bought and sold were carefully entered. There were no totals or balances. The list just went on. The account book covered parts of the years 1944 - 1947.

    One entry, among many, caught my eye. The entry simply says Dr. and hospital boys tonsils. Aha! This is when my brother and I had our tonsils out! The doctor charge was $30.00 and the hospital charge was $17.00. There was no date for this entry, not even the year. I vaguely remember getting my tonsils out. I was not in school yet so it would have to be 1944. I can remember eating jelly in the hospital and getting into trouble from the nuns for getting out of bed to play with my brother. Once we got home we insisted on more jelly as we really liked jelly.

   The changes in charges are would be rather obvious. I wonder what the procedure changes would be? What would have been use for an anesthetic? What other medications would have been used?

    Shortly after this the Saskatchewan govt. brought in hospital care. So from that time on Saskatchewan residents did not have to pay for hospital care.

   So one entry brings back long ago memories. I'm sure that if I talked to my brother he would add more details.;postID=1929825484963442768;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname