Monday, August 11, 2014

Fort Normandeau

      A few posts ago I described a walk through the Maskepetoon natural area.

    Across the freeway and a mile up the river is Fort Normandeau. This spot on the river was known as the Crossing as it as a good place to cross the river. I've seen kids wade across in September when there is low water. This crossing was known and used by the aboriginals long before the white man came.

      In 1884 Robert Mclellan built a stopping house at the crossing. He had some horses ,cattle and grew some crops. In 1885 when the Reil Rebellion occurred the stopping house was taken over by the army and reinforced to make a fort.

     Now this area is a very pleasant stopping area for locals and tourists. The Fort was reconstructed in the 1960's as the old one fell into total ruin about ten years before. There is a small museum giving the history of the area. The area is abundant with natural habitat. When I went out last week the Saskatoons were ripe.

    The Fort has some chickens and a garden inside the walls. Inside the building there are many artifacts from the 1880's. My first picture inside the Fort and wouldn't you know it, the camera batteries died. So on another trip I will show the inside of the house.

The river widens and gets shallow so it's easy to cross

Work up a thirst and get some exercise to get your drink

The Fort garden

Entrance to the house

The Fort chickens

Overall view of the Fort