Friday, June 29, 2018


      When I retired in 1997 I very specifically took off my watch and put it in the top drawer if my tall boy. I had been controlled by clocks and bells from 1957  to 1997.  I'd had enough of going by the clock. Each period I had to watch the clock to make sure that I would complete my lesson.

     I also wore the watch when I was out of school for weekends and summer vacations.

     I was like most people and got used to wearing a watch.

     I was given a gold watch for retirement. I don't know where it is!

    Since 1997 I've worn the watch on some trips. 

    Now this particular watch is a 1986 model. It's been through a few batteries. It's also had the time set many times for daylight saving time. Like many adults I could not set the time. When my son was still at home he set the watch. After he left some kid at school would set my watch.

    After retirement , for many years I would set day light saving time and I had to learn to do it myself.

    Now the other day the micro manager looked in the drawer and discovered the watch wasn't running and the battery was dead! Now for the Micro Manager , this watch could not be left in peace. Hurry out and find a battery. Replace that battery Red. 

    So I did replace the battery!!! Now I was nuts to try it because I can't really see such small pieces like screws and my fingers are too stiff and awkward to hold tiny screws. Somehow I got the battery changed.

   It was a crazy thing to try.

    Enlarge the photos to see what I was dealing with. Can you see any screws in the second shot? There are screws. I took them out and got them back in.