Monday, July 12, 2021


       Recently we had a new Governor General (GG) appointed in Canada. A Governor General in Canada is a distant representative of the Queen of England. The position is largely ceremonial . The GG signs bills that have been passed in parliament into law. There are many other duties but they do not have power. 

       Mary Simon was appointed to be out next Governor General  last week. She was born in George River Quebec , which is a small isolated Inuit community on the bottom of Ungava Bay. 

       I was pleased with this appointment as she is an Inuk. She has been very active in many areas in her 74 years. Among many other things she was our ambassador to Denmark. 

      Now it just so happens that her older brother Johnny May was a bush pilot. Johnny flew me in and out of Wakeham Bay several times while I was at Wakeham Bay from 1967-69. 

      Johnny was in his early 20's at that time. He was a very competent and capable pilot. People who flew with him had full confidence in his ability as a bush pilot. Johnny was extremely well liked by all people on the coast of Ungava Bay. The Inuit kids looked up to Johnny May. When they knew Johnny May was coming in the kids  made sure they were on the beach to meet the plane.

      Johnny May is referred to as legendary. There are many stories about his flying ability. Two documentaries have been made about Johnny , one of them being 1 hr and 23 minutes. 

     Johnny was asked what he thought about his sister becoming the GG. He said she would make a fine Governor General. 

      So my link to the new Governor General is by way of her bush pilot brother. 

      I admit that my link is rather long and tenuous.