Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fall Thinking

     For many people fall is the favorite season of the year . The official start of fall is still 10 days away but where I live changes are beginning to occur. Fall varies in different climatic zones. However, where I live fall can be brilliant. Many changes take place. These changes can be slow but nevertheless brilliant.

Same shot taken a few days earlier

      We have a large variety of trees and shrubs in the natural areas. Each has it's own particular color and schedule while preparing for winter. Aspens can be bright yellow while some of shrubs can be quite red. This combination along with the spruce makes for great contrasts.

      Planted trees and shrubs in the urban areas have their own color variations. Some turn very early and drop their leaves while others hang on for awhile.

     The change to fall weather gradually creeps upon us. At times it changes quickly and brings early cold and snow. Fall weather when cooler is invigorating as we are able to work outside in pleasant temperatures.

       Fall bird migrations catch our attention. This morning a flock of geese flew over as they were looking for a feeding area. Song birds are in abundance as they are feeding heavily for their migration south.

       Taken altogether fall is a very interesting season as we watch the changes.
linden tree