Monday, May 15, 2017


     A couple of months ago we saw a terrific deal for turkeys. It was one of those deals you couldn't pass up. There were three prices for the general weights of turkeys. The birds were completely enclosed with plastic and there was no weight on the label.

    I had always said never buy meat that you can't see.

     The Micro Manager thought we could have a couple of meals and what was left could be chopped up to use for casseroles. Good idea! We both like roast turkey. This way two of us enjoy a whole turkey. 

     So the plan was to have the turkey on Sunday. Saturday we didn't get the turkey out early enough  to ensure complete thawing. We had visions of a roast turkey dinner at midnight.  However, the old bird was thawed in time. With no weight on the label we had to weigh the bird. It turned out to be 14 lbs which was bigger than we had thought. 

    Somewhere along the line there was a miscalculation and the bird was overdone. Oh yes, the skin could not be eaten and some of the outside meat was too crispy for consumption. 

    However, the roast bird was more than edible except for being somewhat tasteless. 

    Then take all the meat off the carcass to go in those casseroles. What a job!

   So after we finished this job we said, "What were we thinking?" We hadn't roasted a whole turkey for thirty years when the kids were still at home.

    I think we learned a lesson. We bit off more than we could chew.