Tuesday, February 19, 2019


     I love my province of Alberta, Canada. It has many great assets for fine living. We have beautiful mountain scenery. We have vast tracts of rich farmland. We are blessed with much oil and gas.

     However, with oil and gas as the main resources the economy can go from boom to bust and it has. This industry also has a bad name when it comes to environmental issues.

    We have a number of issues right now. Resource prices are down. We are very short of pipe lines to send our oil to the coast. We are in tough times.

    Now when troubled times hit us some people go off the deep end. We have people going off the deep end now. They are determined to blame someone for the situation and they think that blaming someone will automatically bring about a solution.

    So a small group decided to become yellow jackets under the guise of supporting pipelines even though they are radical right wingers. They are actually racists. Another small group here wants to separate Alberta from Canada. A third group wants pipe lines right now no matter what. Just wave the wand and build pipe lines.

    Somehow these groups got together and said lets have a truck convoy to Ottawa. So everybody jumps in their big trucks to drive to Ottawa tooting their horns all the way.

   Along the way they've been able to create some exaggerated stories about their size. There were only 120 trucks. Some dropped out and others joined. They reported many people waving in support along the highway....Imagination. They used the same photos to show these people.

    So they get to Ottawa and there's a mixed and confused message. It seems like the racists made the biggest noise.

   Since I preach about lying being so terrible , here's another example where they manufacture a cause and keep it going with all kinds of games. Throw in a little fiction and make yourself look good.

   Now some of them are in Ottawa they suddenly find themselves short of money to get back home!

   Maybe we should leave them in Ottawa. On the other hand they probably aren't wanted there so somebody will help them get back home.

   We have issues but this group is loony and going about things in the wrong way.